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    Our expert Foamco staff of design and support personnel will meet any and all of your special project requirements. For more information regarding Foamco's products including Foamco foam monument signs, Foamco foam mounted signs, Foamco foam props and Foamco foam displays please feel free to contact us



About Us

     We on the Foamco team are excited that you have came to our website and are being introduced to the Foamco line of monument signs, mounted foam signs and foam props that you can offer your customers. At Foamco we pride ourselves in our low prices as well as in the quality of our foam monument signs, foam mounted signs and foam props. Our philosophy is simple: We want you, the sign / prop professional, to make Foamco foam signs and foam props a regular part of your business. We believe the best way to do that is to make your life easier by manufacturing a quality, turn-key foam sign or foam prop at a low price that you can make a large profit margin on.
     On the Foamco website you will find free standing foam monument signs, wall hanging foam signs, 3-D foam props and dimensional foam displays. You have the choice of selecting one of the Foamco base foam monument signs or we will custom build a foam sign or foam prop to your customer’s specifications. Foamco products are made of EPS foam which is ‘hard-coated’ with a urethane coating and finished with paint or a synthetic stucco and paint. We believe in the quality and durability of our foam signs and foam props so much that we offer an industry leading 5 year Foamco manufacturer's warranty.
     At Foamco we strive to offer the best customer service in the business. One phone call to the Foamco headquarters or visit to our website will have you well on your way to purchasing a fully manufactured, ready to install foam sign or foam prop delivered to your place of business or project site.
     At Foamco we want to work with you as a business partner and become a regular part of your product offerings. Call us today to find out just how easy it is to lower your overhead and increase your profit with Foamco!

Installation Process

     Foamco's signs are made with 1 pound density EPS Styrofoam. The EPS is coated with a polyurethane hard coat making the foam impenetrable to the elements. This hard coat urethane material will then be covered with a stucco material (similar to Dryvit) that has a sand texture finish. This finish adds strength and looks to the sign. The stucco is then painted to the client's desired colors.
     All graphics, letters, etc. will be raised off of the base of the sign panel to give a more professional three dimensional look. We can also recess the letters and graphics into the sign if you prefer that look.
     All of our signs are backed by a 5 year warranty against manufacturer?s defects and are as strong as they are beautiful. Below I have two diagrams. One shows the layering process of our EPS signs. The other shows installation instructions.